2 Ways to Copy Text from Images on Android and iPhone

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Smartphone cameras can not only click images, they can do more. Lately, both Google and Apple have incorporated certain features into their ecosystems that allow you to copy text from your images to your phone. Here we will show that you can copy text from your pictures to your phone, whether it is Android or iPhone.

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Copy text from images

You can use Google and Apple’s Photos to copy text from images saved in your phone’s gallery. Read on for the detailed step-by-step guide for both.

Using Google Photos

If you don’t have the Google Photos app on your phone, download it from the Play Store first. Google has integrated Google Lens in this app which can not only copy text from images but also a lot more. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone.

2. Next, navigate to the photo you want to copy text from.

3. Now tap on the Google Lens icon in the menu below, just before the delete icon.

4. Tap the photo again, then you will see three lines in a circle below the lens layout. Tap on it.

5. In the next menu that opens, tap the Text icon, then tap “Select All” from the menu below.

6. Finally, press “Copy Text” in the next menu.

That’s it. In addition to the copy, you can directly search on Google, listen, also translate the text.

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Use Apple Photos

With iOS 15, Apple introduced some new features in its Photos app and one of them is “Visual Lookup”. This feature has a “Live Text” feature that can identify the text of a photo, copy it, translate it or use it for a search.

1. Open the Apple Photos app on your iPhone and open a photo that contains text.

2. If the Photos app detects text on your phone, you will see a scanner icon at the bottom.

3. The text will then be highlighted. You can now press and hold to bring up the selection tool.

4. You can now drag and select more text if you want.

5. Next, a floating toolbar will appear with a few options including “Copy”.

6. Press “Copy” and that’s it.

You can then paste this feature anywhere.

So here is how to copy text from photos to your Android phone or iPhone. For more of these tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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