3Deluxe launches the first zero-emission super-yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show-As NFT

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In addition to technological innovations and ambitious exterior design, the interior of the yacht also sets new standards. The interior concept breaks with many yacht design conventions and matches the visionary and nature-oriented philosophy of the project: bar and vegetable garden. Luxury is completely rewritten, with a natural environment replacing acrylic glass and brass, while natural, healthy air replaces excessive air conditioning.

Healthy food grown on board, fresh fish from the ocean, relaxation, workouts, online business meetings, parties with friends – all of this is possible in the inspiring ambience of the heavenly biotope. The additional water needed by the factories is made available by the seawater desalination system, which is powered by zero carbon solar panels on the roof and outside. The master bedroom, on the other hand, is an open-plan space in the greenhouse – with a view of the starry sky. The open space concept corresponds to the modern living concepts of a new generation of yachts: open, unconventional and close to nature.

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