A man breaks into a house in the United States, surprises a resident and walks around naked until he is arrested

A man broke into a family home in Bel Air, California, not caring about credit from the owner of the place, who fled scared, and lived 45 minutes repressing himself as if he lived there, still walking around naked, until he was isolated by the police .

The situation was recorded by a fixity camera (see images above).

Mat Stabz was upstairs in his house, talking on the phone to a woman, Monica, when a man wearing only shorts entered his house. Frightened, he asked what the obsolete had prepared there and warned that he would call the police.

The response was surprising: the intruder, later identified as 34-year-old Paul Kiyan, hit “this is my house” and began to smoothly emerge like stairs.

Terrified, Stabz locked himself in his room, jumped out onto the balcony, and managed to escape in his car. He then called the police, who went to the district and arrested Kiyan. Camera footage shows him getting along calmly, lying down in the area following a police officer’s order.

Before the police arrived, he passed about 45 heights in the house, and was filmed walking naked through the expanse of the pool. In addition, he committed an act of extreme cruelty: he killed the two pet parakeets from Mat and Monica’s Snitches. According to Mat, he discovered the cage, squeezed the birds, threw them into the field and stepped on them.

The site said the intruder managed to get in because they had forgotten the unconscious garage key ring inside a collective that was standing outside, with the doors unlocked. After the incident, they are currently afraid to come to the residence, and have announced to NBC that they will spend time in the next place.

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