Alec Baldwin denies pulling the trigger on gun that killed Halyna Hutchins, says career may be over

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According to reports, on October 21, the team were preparing for a shooting scene inside a church when Deputy Headmaster Dave Halls passed Baldwin a Colt .45 and said “cold gun Indicating that the weapon was not loaded live. round, investigators said in a search warrant affidavit.

Halls’ lawyer Lisa Torraco replies that her client did not hand the gun to Baldwin.

“Whether he handed the firearm directly to Alec Baldwin at that time or whether the gunsmith handed it directly to Alec Baldwin at that time doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t really matter. did not charge it, he is not responsible ” Torraco told Alburqerque KOB-4.

Baldwin said Hutchins told him how to position the weapon and when to cock it with the barrel pointed at his armpit. When Baldwin let go of the hammer, he fired.

“That’s when the gun exploded,” he said, adding that everyone on set was “horrified” and “shocked” by what had happened. The bullet fatally hit Hutchins and lodged in Souza’s left shoulder.

“The gun was supposed to be empty,” Baldwin said Stephanopoulos. “I was told that I was given an empty weapon.” When Hutchins collapsed, Baldwin said he was so surprised he thought she might have passed out or had a heart attack because “the thought of someone putting a bullet real in the gun ”was unthinkable.

Dave Halls, RustBaldwin’s deputy manager confirmed Baldwin’s claims.

“The whole time that Baldwin had his finger on the outside of the trigger guard, parallel to the barrel, and that he told me from day one that he thought it was a dud,” Toracco said. Hello America, according to Daily Beast. Adding: “And until Alec said it was really hard to believe. But Dave told me from the day I first met him that Alec hadn’t pulled that trigger.

The Los Angeles Times reported that in the hours leading up to the fatal shooting, several union workers from the film crew left the stay mand.

The union team had been grappling with labor issues for days, one of which was broken promises of money for hotel rooms closer to the plateau. As union members prepared to march, a member of the team on set told the Times, non-union crew members seemed to replace them.

Additionally, there had been two misfires earlier in the week with the same propeller pistol that killed Hutchins. “There has been a serious lack of safety meetings on this set,” a crew member told Times.

The shooting took place six hours after the union team left the set.

Despite complaints from the crew on the safety conditions on the set, Baldwin, who was a producer on Rust, told Stephanopoulos he had never heard “a single word” about these concerns.

Baldwin has been gutted in the press about his involvement in the shooting. And of course some of the criticism has come from former President Donald Trump, who has never forgiven him for impersonating him on SNL.

“He’s a struggling guy. There is something wrong with him. I watched it for years. He brawls with reporters, ”Trump said in an interview for Conservative radio host Chris Stigall’s Podcast. He added: “It’s a cuckoo. He’s crazy. And usually when there’s someone like that, you know, in my opinion, he has something to do with it.

Baldwin says Trump said this about him “on purpose”.

“Just when you think things can’t get more surreal, here’s the President of the United States commenting on this tragic situation,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said Rust made him love making movies again, but now he’s focused on his family and doesn’t “give a damn” about his career. When Stepenoplois asks him if he thinks his career is over, Baldwin says “It could be.”

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