All the ways Daniel Cameron failed Breonna Taylor and her family

UPDATE: 6 a.m. ET, March 13, 2021 –

Tor say that Daniel cameronthe behavior of the investigation breonna taylorthe case of was a disappointment would be an understatement.

The Kentucky Republican Attorney General appears determined to help officers evade responsibility for Taylor’s murder. The 26-year-old emergency medic was killed at her home when cops botched the execution of a prohibition on hitting warrant last March.

Last fall, Cameron asked to remain silent on a grand juror in the case who filed a motion to speak on the ruling on an indictment that did not hold any of the officers involved responsible. in the shooting.

Prior to that, Cameron gave an interview to “Fox and his friends” labeling Megan you stallion‘s “Saturday night live show as “disgusting”.

Her particular criticism centered on the rapper taking a break from performing his hit song “Savage”, where she replayed a quote from an activist. Tamika mallory.

“Daniel Cameron is no different from the bawling Negroes who sold our people into slavery,” Mallory said at a press conference after the revelation of a Jefferson County grand jury refused to lay charges directly related to breonna tayloris death.

“I agree that we have to love and protect our black women, there is no doubt about it. But the fact that someone is on national television and making derogatory comments about me because I’m trying to do my job is disgusting. Cameron said in response to the performance.

Megan and her dancers stood in victory poses with their fists raised as “Protect Black Women” walked across the stage. Right before the audio clip, Megan also played an excerpt from Malcolm X’s 1962 speech where he said, “The most disrespectful person in America is the black woman.”

A single officer, Brett hankison, was indicted in the case for shooting at a nearby apartment on the night of the botched raid. Cameron said the officers involved acted legally because they were fired by Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth walker upon entering Taylor’s apartment.

The attorney general later confessed that he did not recommend murder or manslaughter to the grand jury for this very reason. Police say a bullet fired from Walker hit Sgt. John Mattingly. Walker maintains he fired in self-defense, fearing an intruder.

As he expresses his support for black women, his handling of the Breonna Taylor affair shows anything but. Since the case gained national attention following the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Cameron’s actions have always proven that he is far from caring about ensuring that Taylor’s case receives the care and attention it deserves.

From the poorly planned release of her engagement photos to the release of the grand jury tapes, it’s obvious Cameron is only invested in securing and sustaining the idea of ​​whiteness.

1. Cameron files a motion to silence the grand juror

Cameron has formally asked a judge to keep restrictions in place preventing grand jurors from speaking publicly about the case brought by the attorney general’s office in connection with the investigation into the police murder of Breonna Taylor.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported:

“Cameron’s motion says that failure to postpone an order lifting the secrecy of the grand jury would immediately cause irreparable harm to the Commonwealth, as jurors could speak before Cameron’s office could appeal.”

Cameron said his office’s investigation found an officer should be charged with endangerment without cause for the bullets he fired that hit an apartment, not Taylor. This encouraged a separate juror to file their own motion to speak out on the case. Cameron’s office wants them both to remain silent as questions remain about what he and his office presented and recommended to the grand jury.

2. Daniel Cameron’s engagement photos appear on the internet

Source: Twitter: @brandonujohnson

As Breonna Taylor’s family mourned the loss of a loved one, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron celebrated her engagement. The photos began circulating on the internet in June, much to the disappointment of many who wondered if Cameron was really invested in the affair. Cameron married her fiance in early August, which also came as Taylor’s family and supporters called for a grand jury to bring charges against the three officers in the case, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and John Mattingly .

3. Breonna Taylor’s family express frustration with Cameron’s office

Kentucky Attorney General Releases Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes

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Taylor’s family began to publicly express their frustration with Cameron’s office over the summer following the publication of her engagement photos. An anonymous source spoke to TMZ in June who claimed the family saw the photos as a slap in the face. The source also claimed that Taylor’s family believed Cameron’s office had not prioritized scheduling a meeting to discuss the case.

4. Daniel Cameron claims FBI ballistics report blocked investigation

Kentucky AG Announces Charges Against Breonna Taylor's Death

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Towards the end of July, Cameron began answering questions about a decision timeline. The Kentucky attorney general has repeatedly claimed that his office cannot move forward until he receives a ballistics report from the FBI, which is conducting an independent investigation. Cameron received the report in late August. But a September ballistic report from Kentucky State Police (KSP) did not conclude that the bullet that hit Mattingly came from Walker’s gun.

5. Taylor’s family request an indictment by October

Lawyers for Breonna Taylor's family hold press conference on day of meeting with state attorney general

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Cameron finally met Taylor’s family privately in August. After the reunion, Taylor’s family and family attorney told the public they expected an indictment by October, which would mark six months since Taylor’s death.

6. Daniel Cameron Makes Stunning RNC Appearance

Republicans host 2020 virtual national convention

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Although we shouldn’t be surprised regarding Cameron’s appearance at the Republican National Convention Where he let Trump down, most of us have wondered if he ever planned to transfer that energy to the Breonna Taylor inquiry. His decision was sobering as the appearance came a week after meeting Taylor’s family.

7. The indictment and the consequences

Kentucky AG Announces Charges Against Breonna Taylor's Death

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On September 23, members of the Jefferson County Grand Jury formed by Cameron refused to lay charges regarding his death. Only one officer, Brett Hankison, has been charged with gratuitous endangerment for the shots which landed in an apartment next to Taylor’s. Immediately, Cameron was castigated by the proceedings that had hitherto been sealed. Many Taylor supporters have cried out for the lack of justice for Taylor and his family.

8. Published grand jury tapes prove contradictory events to Cameron’s account

Louisville responds after police officer charged with endangerment without cause in death of Breonna Taylor

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A week after Cameron said he would not release tapes of the grand jury proceedings, an anonymous jury member showed up at file a request for the tapes to be broadcast. The files, which were not transcribed and included at least 15 hours of recordings, were released on October 2. In the tapes, it is evident that Taylor’s death resulted in a night of chaos, fueled by different accounts from law enforcement as to what happened.

9. Daniel Cameron Makes a Motion to Ban Grand Jury Members from Public Speaking

Louisville responds after police officer charged with endangerment without cause in death of Breonna Taylor

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Wednesday asked the court to dismiss a request by the grand jurors to speak publicly about the proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case, CBS News reports. The anonymous juror asked a judge to allow them to share parts of the proceedings.

“The grand jury process is secret for a reason, to protect the safety and anonymity of all grand jurors, witnesses and innocent people involved in the proceedings,” Cameron said in a released statement. “Allowing this disclosure would irreversibly change the Kentucky legal system by making it difficult for prosecutors and the public to have confidence in the secrecy of the grand jury process in the future.”

Attorneys for Taylor’s family issued the following on behalf of Cameron’s petition:

“With each passing day and every action by Daniel Cameron, it becomes more and more evident that the Attorney General has something to hide. This motion is a slap in the face to Breonna’s family, and yet another attempt to cover up the corruption in her office. If he has nothing to hide and has done everything correctly as he claims, then he should have no problem letting the grand jurors speak to the public. They deserve to have that voice, and Breonna’s family deserve answers. “

10. NAACP Legal Defense Fund calls for appointment of special prosecutor

People protest Kentucky grand jury indictment against one of three police officers in the murder of Breonna Taylor, but not for her death

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The Legal Defense Fund calls for the appointment of a new independent special prosecutor, echoing the sentiments of Breonna’s family and many other critics who believe the whole investigation has not provided the slightest semblance of justice . The report calls on Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to enact legislation to create an impartial council of prosecutors to help with future law enforcement wrongdoing cases. To this day, Cameron has not acted. Activists on Friday called for action by the Commonwealth Prosecutor Tom’s Wine, who previously withdrew from the case due to a conflict of interest and referred the investigation to Daniel Cameron.

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