Amazon’s new fitness offerings aim to compete with Apple and Fitbit

Amazon’s Astro robot was certainly most eye-catching ad from last night. However, the e-commerce giant has also launched a new version of its Halo fitness band, along with health-related services including workout and nutrition advice.

The new $ 80 Halo View has an AMOLED display to show the time, notifications, and fitness stats. While this was the Halo group’s biggest screenless upgrade from last year, Amazon also ditched the still-tuned mic.

It means you can’t use the weird as hell emotion detection function directly from the group, but it still lives in the app.

The company says the new band has a seven-day battery life and you can fully charge it in 90 minutes.

Amazon is also launching a Halo Fitness service, which will be free for one year if you purchase the new Halo View, and then cost $ 4 / month. The service will offer Amazon’s body composition analysis, activity point system, sleep analysis, and Alexa integration. By the end of this year, the company will also be featuring guided workout videos for categories such as cardio, yoga, strength, and conditioning.