Amazon’s palm-reading technology is making its way to sports stadiums and concert halls

Amazon used its palm scanning technology to allow customers to pay for their purchases at Whole foods and its own cashless stores. Now it’s expansion the availability of technology for use outside its own properties, starting with allowing people to enter gyms, music venues and other live entertainment venues without the need for a ticket. Amazon one will be offered as part of stand-alone ticketing stands that will be rolled out by ticketing company AXS, which will debut at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver today.

To enter the venue via Amazon One, attendees can register one or both palms for the option at a dedicated station just prior to entering. This will allow them to participate in the event and future AXS events without having to present a ticket. Amazon says the sign-up process only takes a minute, while the system creates a unique palm signature using the company’s custom algorithms. Once done, they can simply scan their palms, which takes a few seconds, to enter an AXS site.

In its announcement, Amazon said it was “the first time that the Amazon One service has been available outside of Amazon and Whole Foods Market stores and for entry into an entertainment venue.” It also appears that the company is looking to make palm-scanning technology available for other purposes in more places. “[We’re] excited about the potential for expansion to other places where entry lines can be long and time consuming, ”he added. Since there is a growing demand for contactless solutions due to the pandemic – technology only needs users to get their hands on a sensor – it can happen sooner rather than later.

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