Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokémon Switch games drop to their lowest level

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If you haven’t jumped on the Animal crossing the bandwagon, now is your chance to do it for less. Amazon and Best buy have the popular Nintendo Switch title for $ 45, or $ 15 off its regular price. It’s also a new low as we’ve only seen the game drop to $ 50 in the past. The only downside is that the sale is only for the physical version of the game, not the digital download.

Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Amazon – $ 45 Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons at Best Buy – $ 45

New Horizons released in March 2020, which means millions of gamers have found an escape from the pandemic thanks to its adorable animations, enjoyable music, ASMR-like sound effects, and open island gameplay. You’re tasked with building your personal island from scratch with seemingly endless customizations, while you spend your days fishing, catching bugs, making friends with your neighbors, and more. And with the online multiplayer mode, you can visit your friends’ islands at your leisure.

If you have already spent countless hours on your Animal crossing island, there are also a bunch of other Switch games on sale right now. Super Mario 3D World + Bower’s Fury, The stars of Super Mario 3D, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Snap are all at $ 45. That’s a record price for all of these titles, so now is a good time to stock up on new games if you’re expecting a decent sale.

Buy Super Mario 3D World on Amazon – $ 45 Buy Super Mario 3D World at Best Buy – $ 45

Buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Amazon – $ 45 Buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at Best Buy – $ 45

Buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars at Best Buy – $ 45 Buy Pokémon Snap at Best Buy – $ 45

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