Apple has reportedly tested several prototypes of foldable iPhones, but remains skeptical

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If rumors are to be believed, Apple is apparently looking to build its own foldable iPhone. Now, according to a series of tweets from @dylandkt, it appears the company has apparently already built several prototypes of foldable iPhones that it is testing, but we might not necessarily see it launch anytime soon. .

Indeed, according to the tweet, Apple is still slightly skeptical and cautious about adopting the foldable design. That’s because they don’t know if the foldable smartphone trend is here to stay, or if it will eventually stop being cool, much like how phones with 3D displays without glasses have finally ceased to be. be popular.

The tweet also states that Apple wants to make sure that if they adopt a new form factor, like a foldable, it won’t be a “regression” of the current form factor, which means it should be better, not worse. So much so that they play the long game to see how foldable technology progresses before they decide to get on board.

Apple has been known to take its time when it comes to adopting certain features, so this move should come as no surprise. Also, if you remember, some have suggested that over the next 10 years Apple wants to replace the iPhone with smart glasses, so we don’t know how the development and release of a foldable iPhone is supposed to be. help achieve this goal.

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