Apple makes it easier for users to report fraudulent apps

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With millions of apps in Apple’s App Store, there are bound to be some that are bad eggs trying to rip users off. We have heard such stories before, where some fraudulent apps would bring users up to $ 1 million per month. Now it looks like Apple has finally fixed these issues by making it easier for users to report these types of apps.

As Kosta Eleftheriou and Richard Mazkweich noted on Twitter, it looks like Apple has finally added the “Report a Problem” button to the App Store for app listings. Tapping will take users to another page where they can then select whether the app in question is either a scam or a fraud.

Prior to that, users had to use a lengthy method to report these types of apps, and then they would be taken to another website where they would have to sign in to their Apple account again. This made reporting a bit more difficult for users, but with the button’s return, users will now be able to complain to Apple more easily than ever.

This feature would require you to have the app installed on your phone, which we assume makes it fair, as Apple probably doesn’t want people to just abuse the feature to try and cause harm to innocent apps.

While this is a welcome update, how long it will take Apple to process the apps that have been flagged and what they will do is another story. Critics have pointed out how Apple has let these types of apps spread in the past, so while reporting them is now easier, what Apple does after that will likely be more telling as to whether or not they take these. problems more seriously.

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