Apple Music could move towards the PS5

While Apple likes to promote its own services within its own ecosystem, the company understands that to capture a larger market, it will need to attract more people. That’s why it’s not really a complete shock to find out that Apple could bring Apple Music to the PS5.

It is according to a post on reddit where a user found out that they had the option to download Apple Music to their console. However, the service does not appear to be live yet because when the user tried to download it, they received the error message that the app is only usable on the PS4.

Eurogamer then tried to verify these claims and although there was no option to download Apple Music to their UK account, when they created a new account with the region set to US they did received the prompt. However, they were subsequently unable to replicate it, which suggests that Sony / Apple is still working on bringing the service up and running.

The launch on PS5 wouldn’t be completely out of place for Apple. The company already offers Apple Music on other platforms like Android, Samsung smart TVs, and Google Nest devices. However, launching on the PS5 could potentially give Spotify a run for their money, but that assumes users have an active subscription.

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