Apple says “Jelly Scrolling” effect on iPad Mini is normal

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Many were understandably excited when Apple announced a redesign and update of the iPad mini range, but that excitement quickly subsided when it was discovered that the tablet seemed to suffer from a jelly scrolling issue with its display. This is apparently caused by the different refresh rates colliding, creating a wobbly effect when scrolling.

Apple has since responded to the problem, but sadly, that may not be the response customers were hoping for. In a statement to ArsTechnica in response to the publication’s question, Apple said this effect is “normal behavior” when it comes to ACL screens. Since these screens refresh row by row, any delay between refreshes can cause this gelatinous effect.

But wait, aren’t most of Apple’s products LCD, and why are we only hearing about it now? Apple has used LCD screens for a very long time on its iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, but as ArsTechnica rightly points out, this effect only seems to be particularly noticeable on the new iPad mini.

That being said, given that Apple does not consider this to be a problem, it means that they probably won’t be releasing any recalls or software fixes because for them there is nothing to fix. If you’ve purchased the iPad mini before, you should probably try returning it to the return window, or if you’re still on the fence, go to an Apple Store and try it out for yourself to see if it. is visible enough to disturb you.

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