BenQ PianoLight eye care lamp illuminates sheet music and piano keys for better playing »Gadget Flow

Do you like to play the piano but find it difficult to read your sheet music in dark lighting? This not only contributes to poor performance, but also to eye stump. Introducing a must-have lamp for musicians: the BenQ PianoLight eye care lamp. Reaching 300 lux with an ultra-wide 120cm coverage, it illuminates every key on your piano and sheet music. Compared to traditional piano lamps, this accessory provides even coverage. In addition, this eye light features automatic dimming, so you can focus on your music for better reading. With a built-in ambient light sensor, it will automatically adjust the light level to best suit your surroundings. It will even light up when it detects your presence! In addition, the PianoLight has a non-slip rubber base and a base groove to protect your piano while providing great stability.

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