Biden declares infrastructure decade as banned Trump boils down

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President Biden has said there will be no more infrastructure weeks as America enters the infrastructure decade.


President Biden said during a speech in Kansas City, Missouri, “I don’t think I could take one more sentence, it’s going to be infrastructure week. But guess what, it’s gonna be the infrastructure decade now, man. No more talking. Action.”

Trump has been seething for months over Biden having the infrastructure built when he couldn’t.

For example:

Trump blew up an infrastructure deal in 2019 over requests for funding for his border wall.

Biden did what Trump couldn’t on infrastructure

President Biden’s lap of honor is well deserved. He did what presidents tried and failed to do for decades on infrastructure. Biden’s infrastructure investment is likely to be the largest in America since Eisenhower in the 1950s.

Joe Biden doesn’t have to spend his time tweeting and bringing up imaginary accomplishments because he’s doing the real thing. Biden succeeds. The president was right. The United States is preparing for a decade of infrastructure.

Each Biden success not only helps the country come back better and stronger, but also reveals how inadequate and incompetent Donald Trump was as President of the United States.

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