Bitcoin-cli 0.19.1 wallet not sending from addresses with closest amount?

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I have a weird issue that I thought was solved a few years ago with the Bitcoin wallet to keep fees down. I guess not, or I missed something …

My wallet received a transaction for the amount of 0.54530200 BTC, yet when I went to send 0.51986042 BTC using bitcoin-cli sendtomany with 16 outputs, the wallet used 856 entries send the amount that was available and cleared with at least 400+ confirmations to the first address.

The above TX cost me 0.03600705 BTC to send when it should have cost me a fraction of the amount if he had used the address that contained the amount closest to the amount he is sending. .

Bitcoint-cli version 0.19.1

Do you have any idea what I could be doing wrong or missing?

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