Buffalo portable SSD PUT; An adaptable 500 GB USB key

USB drives no longer receive love

With the rise of portable NVMe drives, the popularity of the humble USB flash drive waned. They’re still very handy, you probably have a few handy right now in a pocket or at the back of a drawer, which is a perfect demonstration of their strengths. They tend to be significantly more rugged than many SSD boxes and are cheap enough that you won’t have any qualms about removing it soon after purchasing it.

Tweaktown takes a look at the Buffalo Portable SSD-PUT 500GB USB Flash Drive, which includes a built-in USB-A socket as well as a USB-C adapter to allow you to connect it to devices that only have USB-C; something that is becoming a lot more common now. That means you’ll never see USB-C level transfer rates, but for many uses a random read of around 600MB / s and just over 500MB / s write is more than fast enough.

For around $ 70, it’s cheaper than other 500GB USB drives, and the USB-C adapter and lanyard clip are nice additions for the cost.

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