Build your software roadmap with QCon Plus; Kristen O’Leary Shares Main Topics

While a recent interview, Kristen o’leary, senior developer relations engineer at Google and QCon More Member of the November 2021 committee, shared with us the leads that she looks forward to the most during the event from November 1 to 12.

I have played all types of roles you can imagine, from a participant to the program committee. I was fortunate enough to attend QCon, I spoke to QCon, I was a track host, and now this year is my first year on the program committee, so I have seen it all. This is one of my favorite conferences.

I’m a little biased because I work with track hosts on these tracks, but I think my favorite track this year is the cloud operating model, which will be a track entirely dedicated to the cloud, and then JVM innovations. When I was a track host a few years ago I was hosting a similar Java track so I’m really excited to help out with this track again and see how it goes. And I look forward to hearing from all of our speakers.

Kristen O’Leary, Senior Developer Relations Engineer @Google and QCon Plus, November 2021 Committee Member

Kristen’s Top Track Picks for QCon Plus

The cloud operating model

Whether you’re cloud native, hybrid, or planning to relocate, successfully running web-scale workloads in the cloud requires the application of well-tested operational strategies to maximize success. As with any large infrastructure footprint, you need to balance the often competing demands of:

  • Security, compliance and recovery
  • Availability and performance (QoS)
  • Developer productivity / innovation rate
  • Efficiency of infrastructure / expenditure

If leveraged efficiently, cloud capabilities offer a significant advantage over a compromise for the majority of the above categories. While running large workloads on-premises versus a public cloud has similar underlying fundamentals, the cloud poses unique challenges that must be addressed. Come hear from web-scale cloud infrastructure practitioners on a variety of possible topics to help you accelerate your own cloud journey and avoid major pitfalls along the way.

The cloud operating model the track is hosted by Coburn Watson, infrastructure manager, systems reliability engineering at Pinterest and confirmed speakers:

  • Tejas Chopra, senior software engineer, data storage platform team at Netflix
  • Molly Junck, TPM manager for InfraGov and cloud supplier management at Pinterest

Modern JVM innovations

The future of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), JIT directions, and execution stack improvements are the topic of this year’s JVM track. Come listen to the practitioners tell the story of the JVM and the execution ecosystem. Industry leaders will talk about extending JVM / JIT to the cloud.

The Modern JVM innovations the track is hosted by Monica beckwith, Java Champion, Premier Lego League Coach, JVM Performance at Microsoft who recruited guest speakers including:

  • Gil Tene, CTO at AzulSystems
  • Juan fumero, principal architect of the Tornado VM project and research associate at the University of Manchester
  • Chris Seaton, Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) @Shopify

Each QCon track follows a similar format to help you get new perspectives and answers to your questions:

  • 3 technical studies with experts in the field.
  • Questions and answers from the speaker live after the conference.
  • Interactive round tables between world-class software practitioners.
  • Asynchronous conversations and questions in QCon Plus Slack channels.

Learn more and reserve your place at QCon Plus November 2021.

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