California men discuss “terrorist” attacks on Twitter and Facebook, other targets

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Two Californian men have been charged with an apparent conspiracy to attack the state Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, the justice ministry said on Friday. The men also discussed attacks in other parts of the state that they “associated with Democrats,” including Facebook and Twitter headquarters, as well as the governor’s mansion, among other targets.

California residents Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, of Napa and Jarrod Copeland, 37, of Vallejo, have been arrested in connection with the apparent conspiracies and now face a host of federal charges, recently unsealed court documents show.

Rogers was arrested in January after police executed a warrant on his home and business, subsequently confiscating guns, homemade bombs, bomb-making equipment and a copy of the infamous tome The anarchist cookbook (which details how to create homemade explosives). Copeland was taken into custody on Thursday.

A bomb technician then performed tests on the explosives and determined that they were “fully operational and could cause serious bodily harm or injury if not handled properly.” state of court documents.

Federal authorities allege that after the 2020 presidential election, the two men had ongoing discussions via encrypted messaging platforms over the conduct of violent attacks in order to spark a “movement to overthrow the government.”

If the claims are true, this is yet another example of the panoply of “revolutionary” LARPs that right-wing communities have shown since former President Trump lost his candidacy for a second term for president. See also: the guy who was looking for destroy internet to piss off the deep state / oligarchy / whatever.

The messages between Rogers and Copeland, which the government reproduces in part in court documents, provide insight into their apparent plans. After the murderer January 6 riot in Washington DC, Copeland sent Rogers the following messages:

“REVOLUTION” “REVOLUTION” “REVOLUTION” “I’m fucked up with juice !!!!!” “I’m about to put on my gear and drive and punish the sombitches” “Brother I’m drunk” “I’ve got my g19 in my hand”[apparent reference to a gun]…

In a subsequent exchange, the two appear to be plotting their own “revolution”:

ROGERS: Ok bro, we have to hit the enemy in the mouth
COPELAND: Yeah so we hit soros
ROGERS: I think right now we’re attacking the Democrats
ROGERS: These are offices, etc.
ROGERS: Molotov cocktails and gasoline
COPELAND We need more brother world
COPELAND it’s going to be hard

“It is illegal to bomb your suspected political opponents and does not fuel the kind of open and vigorous debate that created and sustains our constitutional democracy,” US Prosecutor Stephanie M. Hinds said in a statement. “The allegations in the indictment describe contemptible conduct. Investigating and prosecuting those who prefer violence to discussion is as important as anything we do to protect our free society. “

One of the defendant’s attorneys claimed that what the government alleges to be an infamous terrorist plot was in reality a drunken brag and that the men had no real intention of following through on their plans to do so explode buildings.

“Clearly these were two ideologues who were caught up in the passion and drama of last January, and indulging in drunken bluster and rhetoric with no real intention to act,” the lawyer said. Jess Raphael. told the Napa Valley Register Friday. Raphael is representing Rogers on related state charges, but not federal charges, the outlet reports. “There is no evidence that any preparatory steps were taken. It was a drunken speech, ”he said.

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