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Even though there are decent companies today that sell ASICs like VAG Rk or KnC for scrypt / sha256 and of course you can get GPUs [280x is the best in price vs power ratio] but sometimes you don’t have enough money for full platforms, or need it for a shorter period etc. Then there are services offering you hash power rentals for certain periods of time and I have chosen to review them today. This is NOT a comparison, each of them offers something different and may have uses in different situations. Choose the ones that suit you. This is a review from the point of view of people who want to rent platforms don’t sell them – some of these services also allow the sale of hash, but this is not the case here. Reviews and Reviews (THIS SITE IS NOW CLOSED!)

This is a perfect place to get both ASICs and GPU platforms with x11, x13, the sites work in a way – there are vendors you can check and then you run their platforms – shapes. So you are not buying the exact hash power but the hash power offered by current platforms. The sites accept payment not only in BTC but also in LTC DOGE and by credit cards. The owner of the system is a well-known member of with decent representation. There is no problem with refunds or anything else since it keeps the initial deposits of all new platforms on the Leaserig server. It’s also one of the oldest GPU rental platforms I can estimate. Another unusual thing is that this system allows … solo mining. Contracts from 1 hour up to 720. The system is really easy to use – choose a rig, click rent, set up pools and you are ready to go! OFFICIAL SITE

Suggestions on using Leaserig: Perfect to be used for new coins to add you some initial chopping power, solo mining [even better], mining coins that are currently hot, lots of x11 / x13 platforms

Reviews and information about NiceHash

The site offers rental of scrypt, sha256, x11, x13, x15, scrypt-a and keccak platforms. Since ordering hashrate can be difficult, my suggestion is to open the main page with 1 tab and the order page with the second. You should always put a price a little higher [by 0,01BTC] which is listed on the main page for your order to be fulfilled. It’s really easy, but some people might not realize it – now you are all set 🙂 The main unique thing about the site is that you can cancel the order at any time. So if you choose the wrong algorithm, the coin ceases to be profitable, you change your mind – you just cancel. There are also 2 ways to order – you can limit how many hashes you want or you can even get all they have in a minute. You only pay for accepted actions – so not all bad deeds are counted, which also saves money. NICEHASH OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Suggestions on using NiceHash: initial hash power bump on the just announced coin, extraction of less popular algos (x15, keccak, etc.), extraction of currently hot coins

Review and use of Genesis Mining

These guys are showing off a concept that I didn’t expect at first. You rent hash power for 1 year at a fixed price and you have access to the panel where they add the most profitable coins. Now depending on what’s going on in the markets, you can adjust% s of your hashes to enter multipools for BTC, DRK, or any coin you want. You can shuffle this% s and extract all the pieces together, etc. Really nice and simple system. Pay every 24 hours directly in your pre-configured wallets. Check OFFICIAL MINING GENESIS

Suggestions for users: configuration mode and forgetfulness because the coins will arrive daily in your wallets for a year review and tips

This is one of the best known systems, but most people don’t fully understand it. Instead of putting your BTC in a wallet, you make it work for you – but it’s not a mode of forgetting. The system works this way: you buy ghs with your BTC on their market – the same time you buy them 2 things happen – you start minimizing with those bought hashes in their pool [the most profitable pool i have to add!] and you invest in ghs. So now you can either keep mining for a while or even sell at a profit. The idea here is to buy hashes for around 24-48h and immediately after the purchase to set up the sell order at almost the same price – a little higher [you are mining with this hashes so you are making profit ever few minutes] or if you think the price will jump – higher. After 24 hours you check whether the orders are fulfilled or not. The same way you set up really cheap buys for hashes – if they drop for a second there – you take profit again. In some cases, a good idea is to make the following string: BTC-> GHS-> NMC-> GHS-> BTC. You won’t even guess how often this pays off 😉 VISIT CEXIO HERE

Suggestions for CexIO users: Short-term mining of the biggest and best BTC pool with for-profit buying and selling hashes


GAW are known miner sales who have now teamed up with guys from zencloud and are offering decent cloud hosting service. Here’s how it works – you buy a miner on the spot and host it. This way they take care of installation, electricity or other issues – you just choose one of their multipools [as the machine is set to mine multipools] and get BTC payout every day. The unique part here is that you actually own the litecoin miner or bitcoin asic, so when you decide – you will send it, i.e. for the winter to keep your house warm 🙂 VISIT THE GAWMINERS COMPANY

Suggestions for zenCLOUD @ GAWminers users: mine the most profitable coins 24/7, sell the machine when you make profit and earn even more, scrypt and sha256 miners

Reviews and opinions on Lunamine – DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IS SCAM

This company currently only has sha256 miners, therefore Bitcoin. The cool idea here is that you rent the hashrate forever and they keep mining for you and paying on demand. Pay once until the end of the world, without wasting time with setups, electricity and more. The system is simple – set it up and make BTC profit whenever you want. Another cool thing is that you can re-invest coins that were created to get more hash power – making it kind of a perpetual rover that way, especially when they add merged mining that is coming soon. Get discounts from Lunamine crooks.

Suggestions for Lunamine users: After getting enough customers, they just scammed everyone by running with coins. DO NOT USE.

Takeover of platform and cloud rental services

All of the sites featured here are fully legitimate, I received payment from them and they are still working … each is different and has different purposes. I was trying to give you some main ideas as “suggestions” for usability, but I could have skipped some. Invest BTC wisely, but make sure that all of these companies will give you what you paid for. If you want parts suggestions for * today *, choose:

HBN – scrypt, the most profitable now and got many trades

SYS – scrypt, coming soon, but keep an eye on it

COAT – x11, integrated exchange to come

They are negotiable on Bittrex m Crypt

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