Coinbase expands live customer support

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By Casper Sorensen, Vice President, Customer Experience

The following is the latest update to our series of blog posts outlining our commitment to continually improving our customer experience.

In the past blog posts we highlighted our continued journey to create more value for customers through our support experience. In 2021, we invested in improving support experiences by increasing our staff, speeding up our response times, and adding dozens of educational resources to our help pages so that customers can get the most accurate information about our products and services.

In our quest to provide customers with the most trusted crypto customer service experience, we are excited to highlight new live support options for our customers.

In the fourth quarter, we began offering localized phone support to retail customers in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany and Japan. Whether the question is simple or complex, our trained professionals are ready to help. These new phone support options extend to Coinbase One support which launched in October 2021 and is available to customers in the United States 24/7 by a dedicated team, and response times the fastest in crypto.

In December 2021, we began providing US retail customers with live messaging through our new Help Center platform. Live messaging gives customers the ability to connect with us when the time is right and continue the conversation seamlessly if they need to walk away. Our expert customer service team is available by email 24/7 with the speed our customers have come to expect.

The journey continues in 2022, we will provide more localized phone and messaging options to our customers around the world and make further improvements to our in-app support experience for iOS and Android.

We remain deeply focused on providing our customers with intuitive support technology and appreciate your patience as we continue to grow. We look forward to continued improvements, so stay tuned to this blog for updates on the status of our journey.

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