Column: The “spectacular” position of the media against prisons

The “mainstream media” like to pretend that they represent the happy medium of the ideological spectrum, but any close examination of their coverage reveals that they are unable to find an extreme misfit on the left. For example, some leftists openly advocate an end to prisons. Are they questioned for their mental health? No. They are given platforms for their “poetry”.

August 4 PBS NewsHour, they or they celebrated a man named Jorge Antonio Renaud. On the Latino rebels last year, Renaud explicitly declared “I am going to talk about the abolition of prisons, it is the idea that the American criminal justice system is immoral, based as it is on punishment and abuse; that he draws his subsistence from humans locked in cages; and that it must be dismantled and replaced by a justice system based on transformative and restorative approaches. “

PBS presenter Judy Woodruff provided him with a taxpayer-funded platform: “Jorge Antonio Renaud spent 27 years behind bars, where he discovered the power of poetry. He is now the National Director of Criminal Justice at Latino Justice, where he advocates for reform in Texas and beyond. Tonight, he gives his “Short but Spectacular” point of view on the reinvention of incarceration. “

Renaud spoke of “the demonstrable harm that happens to people who are in cages,” but he did not comment on the demonstrable harm to people who are victims of armed robbery, which he has committed. PBS did not create a space for debate. He created a platform for a “brief but spectacular” case for the abolition of prisons. Does Judy Woodruff Want Armed Thieves To Live In Her Basement?

PBS is not the only one. The Associated Press filed a “news” dispatch on August 5 that was a poorly disguised publicity for the “abolish ICE” crowd. The headline was “Immigrant Detentions Soar Despite Biden’s Campaign Promises.” AP journalists Philip Marcelo and Gerald Herbert started from the perspective of illegal aliens. “Alexander Martinez says he fled homophobia, government persecution and the infamous MS-13 gang in El Salvador to face abuse and harassment in the US immigration detention system.”

There is a border crisis under President Biden, but for the radical left the problem is that illegal immigrants are being detained. AP reported that “The increase in detentions is a sore point for President Joe Biden’s pro-immigration allies, who hoped he would reverse his predecessor’s hard-line approach.”

Note that when you support unhindered illegal immigration, you are simply “pro-immigration”.

Then AP simply let this laughable notion of “tough” Biden immigration continue. “We’re at this really strange moment with him,” said Silky Shah, executive director of Detention Watch Network. At least AP explained that Shah “advocates for an outright end to the detention of migrants”, although there is no opposing view. Shah added, “There is still time to change things, but his policies so far have not matched his campaign rhetoric.”

This is apparently the basis of the Democratic Party. Shah explicitly wrote “It is not enough to abolish the ICE and disentangle immigration from the criminal sanctions system; we must work towards the abolition of the entire prison industrial complex so that all of our communities will prosper. “

Much like PBS, AP has not offered the public a real debate on whether all of our prisons should be emptied. They have created an invincibly one-sided platform for a radical and crazy point of view.

The media claim to be the guardians of democracy. But in reality, they are the guardians of the left and are suspicious of democracy, because it gives these mad right-hangers a space to refute the radical left. In a real democracy, people will look for other more responsible sources of information than PBS and the Associated Press.

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