Company Launches Marketing and Relationship Automation via WhatsApp

Learn about Marketing Automation and Relationship via WhatsApp

The same LEADLOVERS Tool Owner has just launched Marketing and Relationship Automation via WhatsApp.

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  • Automate your communication via WhatsApp
  • Sending campaigns
  • Segmentation, Tags and Leadscore
  • Service your customers automatically by WhatsApp
  • Best cost-benefit in the market
  • Capture and leads via WhatsApp



What is WhatsLovers?

An integration with WhatsApp that allows you to have WhatsApp machines inside the leadlovers. With them you can initially communicate with your leads via whatsapp, capture their number when receiving a message and send scheduled messages through a stream / funnel.

How does activation work?

You give us your number, we put it on our servers and send you a QRCode for you to scan with your WhatsApp. After that our robot can use your WhatApp Web and we have released a WhatsApp machine within your account.

Can I use WhatsApp on my phone?

Yes, you can and should continue interacting via whatsapp on your cell phone. We recommend using a unique number as everyone who sends messages to this number will be captured by the system and entered into the funnel. If your cell phone is out of the area or WhatsApp is disabled, WhatsLovers stops working (because whatsapp web only works with your connected cell phone)

Can I use WhatsApp Web?

No, as soon as you enter the Bot to stop using and when the Bot tries to use your whats to stop, a message appears (WhatsApp is open in another window. Click on “Use Here” to use WhatsApp on this one) and if you click, you and BOT will be fighting lol

I sent a question via email at [email protected], but I never get an answer. Because?

We answer all questions by email. If you do not receive a response within 36 hours, it is likely that you entered the wrong email address or our response was SPAM. Resubmit your question with your correct email address and also check your SPAM box.

What if I go offline or use WhatsApp Web?

Messages stay in our submission queue. As soon as the BOT reconnects it sends all pending messages.

Can my whatsapp be blocked?

It’s possible. In several reports and tests, there are no blocks when you reply to the message, that is, when the lead starts the conversation first. Sending first, to people you don’t know, shows the recipient a message to report and report SPAM. There is also the possibility that the lead after your returns, if they are annoying and inconvenient messages, report you through a menu. Well, if you have a lot of these reports you will certainly be blocked.

Can WhatsLovers be banned / blocked by WhatsApp?

It’s possible. Although we make every effort to avoid spam (which will certainly cause our service to be banned), there is still a chance that WhatsApp can block everything or change the system’s operation for no reason. If this happens, our WhatsApp uploading process may stop working, but as always, we will work quickly to reactivate the service and keep you informed of what’s going on.

Do I need to be a customer and have leadlovers?

No, you can hire separately

What can I do to help minimize the possibility of WhatsLovers being banned by WhatsApp?


Glad you asked. You can help us by NOT sending unsolicited messages too often. We are in the same boat after all. If the boat sinks, we will all drown.
I can send messages to people who don’t know me or to old lists or to purchased numbers or to people I pulled from linkedin or to phone book numbers (maybe if you’re new you don’t even know what that is, right?) Well … You get the idea .
Can not. We are against spam. We will monitor the sending of messages via Whats and as soon as we identify abusive use of the tool, as per our terms of use, we will block suspicious accounts Please read the answers to the questions above to understand the details.

WhatsLovers is not working. Because?

As mentioned above, we may be working on an update and or we may have a problem with our robots. Wait for more details and follow up with our group if this happens to you. If you don’t find any alerts or conversations about this, please let us know about the problem in the support post.

I just need a way to send Whats to my dear leads. What is your recommendation?
Use a new, disposable WhatsApp number. Use it sparingly and enjoy whatslovers. Given the possibility that WhatsApp may ban your number or us for no reason, we recommend that you always use processes to get your lead email. You can also use SMS sending.

The subscription plan has automatic renewal. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. By canceling your subscription, you stop any future payments that are scheduled to take place. Just contact us and we will give you further instructions