Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture generates a low of US$ 4 billion for Coca-Cola.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture of taking two small bottles of Coca-Cola from the front at Portugal’s press conference yesterday at the Euro Cup cost dearly for the company, which is the sponsor of the Portuguese national team. Coke left $4 billion in market expiration soon following CR7’s move. according to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, when the market opened, each company share was worth about US$56.10 (about R$285). Right after Cristiano’s press conference, the shares suffered a reduction of 1.6%, reaching a minimum energy of US$ 55.22 (about R$ 280).

Also according to a survey of the report, Coca-Cola had dishonor in the total value of the store from US$ 242 billion to US$ 238 billion. The originality agency Reuters tried to contact the Coke commission, but got no answer. CR7 against Coca In the course of the Euro Cup press conference held this Monday, the Castilian Cristiano Ronaldo moved two Coca-Cola containers that were on the table. then put away the bottle of soda, the ace grabbed a water canister and waved, implying that what is indisputable is to drink water and not soda.

Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo had already criticized the swallowing of soft drinks when exposing about the diet of his oldest child, Cristiano Ronaldo Júnior, 10 years old. “I’m hard on him sometimes because he drinks Coke and Fanta. I get mad at him when he eats five fries and everything, and he knows I don’t like it. Even my younger kids, when they eat chocolate , always look at me,” said CR7.

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