Cruz is preparing to obstruct any Democratic attempt to increase the debt ceiling

Democrats have said they want lifting the debt ceiling to be a bipartisan exercise, especially since much of the current debt has been accumulated under Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that “neither party can wash its hands of the responsibility of paying the bills. Chief McConnell continues to talk about the new spending Democrats have made. It is not this debt.

But Republicans could facilitate that path by refusing to ask for 60 votes, a step they also reflected on in 2014 before Cruz made it clear he would obstruct that effort as well. When asked why the GOP shouldn’t allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling without obstruction this time around, Cruz replied, “They have 100% control and the ability to raise the debt ceiling. debt during reconciliation. And the only reason they wouldn’t do it is to play political games.

Instead, Democrats are seeking at least 10 GOP votes to raise the debt ceiling, which is currently scarce, with 46 Republicans currently opposing any increase in the borrowing limit. They could add the debt ceiling to their multibillion-dollar social spending bill, but currently lack the votes to do so.

The debt ceiling is expected to be exceeded in October, according to the Biden administration.

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