District attorney recuses himself in case black man was shot for loud music in Kroger parking lot

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Surveillance video obtained by the Commercial call showed Livingston firing a gun at Motley and shooting him at a Kroger gas station as Motley held a can of beer and a cigarette. Livingston was arrested the next day for second degree murder. Pia Foster, Motley’s girlfriend, told police Motley and Livingston had a verbal argument, and when she and Motley left, Motley walked over to Livingston. Motley had training completed to be a security guard two weeks before his death. It lived in Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago, but was in Memphis to visit family.

Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights lawyer, handled the case soon after. In A declaration released on Monday, said Crump that Livingston “was not a licensed armed security guard at the time of the shooting. … Reports claim Livingston has been denied his license on two occasions, and his most recent application filed in early August was rejected because ‘he violated a statute to work as an armed guard without a registration card, “Crump said.” This begs the question: whether he was denied his license and did not have one when he killed Alvin, why was he at Kroger’s premises with a gun acting like he was qualified to do it, and apparently with Kroger’s blessing?


“There is no excuse for this oversight by Kroger and Allied Universal which led to the death of Alvin Motley,” Crump added. “Livingston should have been fired immediately when he broke a law by working with a weapon. It is more than obvious that Livingston was a threat to public safety who believed he had far more power than the rules and regulations did. allowed it, which ultimately led to Alvin’s death. Expect our black dollars. “

NAACP Chairman Van Turner told reporters the gunshot that killed Motley was a gunshot that had been heard too many times earlier. “You would think that with the conviction of George Floyd, with what happened in these other cases, we would start not to see it as much. But unfortunately, it still happens, ”Turner said. “I think there is racial prejudice involved.” He also predicted that the case would attract the Black Lives Matter organization and lead to protests and boycotts.

Livingston’s lawyer Leslie Ballin said News channel 3 in Memphis that it is not about race. “I am a possessor of facts at this point,” said the lawyer. “I know things that speak to what happened and why. I am not allowed to discuss this with you at the moment.

Livingston was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, but his hearing was postponed to Tuesday, News Channel 3 reported. Reverend Al Sharpton is scheduled to speak at Motley’s funeral.

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