Elephant invades house and breaks walls in search of food

A resident of Pa La-U, Thailand, was surprised by a not very pleasant visit to her house, last Sunday (20). An elephant broke the wall of the woman’s residence in search of food.

– We were sleeping and woke up to a sound inside our kitchen. So we ran downstairs and saw an elephant poke its head into our kitchen, where the wall was broken – reported Radchadawan Peungprasopporn to CNN.

The woman also said that there was already a hole in the wall made by another elephant in the previous month which had not yet been repaired. On Sunday, when the second elephant stuck its head in the hole, it ended up doing more damage.

– Since I was young, I’ve seen elephants roaming around our city in search of food. But this is the first time they’ve actually damaged my house,” he declared.

By: Pleno news

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