Encanto’s most magical character hidden in plain sight, Casita

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The lively Mirabel d'Encanto and many children on a stone walkway gaze in wonder at the Madrigals' house, which is bathed in flowers.

Mirabel and some of its neighbors enjoy the view.
Picture: Disney

In Disney’s upcoming animated feature Charmby co-directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush — almost all member of the Madrigal family has a unique ability that comes from the powerful connection to the magical as their family tree as a whole always had. So it’s hard for Mirabel to grow up without power, in part because of the amazing things her parents and siblings are capable of doing.

Corn CharmThe real powerhouse of, whose magic puts Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) and the rest of the Madrigals to shame in comparison, isn’t a person at all, nor even the film’s main antagonist. He is a character who is very important to Charmthe story of and plays a key role in shaping who Mirabel is long before she embarks on a journey to save magic. When io9 recently spoke with Charmthe creative team, they explained how knowing this character is the best way to get to know the rest of the Madrigals.

Casita shows off for Mirabel like the rest of the children.

Picture: Disney

Of all the otherworldly things that define the Colombian city the family calls home, few stand out quite like their current home, a sensitive dwelling to which Bush has compared Moanais the ocean. “But opposed to Moana, our house is a little more opinionated and imperfect as a family. It is a house that plays favorites; a house that bothers people. The madrigals call their home “Casita”, something like a cross Howl’s moving castle (and its relatively modest facades) and the Steven Universe hidden temple of Crystal Gems.

The outward magic it exudes is pale in comparison to the living, vibrant energy within it, and while Casita is truly her own being, Howard has also described it as a reflection of the Madrigals’ status as a ‘unity. “We played with the idea of ​​the physical as a literal representation of family and their emotional connections,” Howard said. “If the family is happy, the house is healthy. If the family is playful, the house can be playful. But if the family is going through hardship, the house can crack. “

To develop the look and feel of Casita, CharmThe team turned to houses in Colombian cities like Barichara, Cartagena and Salento in order to make them feel like a somewhat realistic abode from the outside. Working with notes from Colombian architects, assistant decorator Lorelay Bové set out to create a home that feels right at home in the country’s mountains, but also offers a way to literally show you the life of everyone who lives there. “One thing we learned from the consultants is that in the coffee region there are a lot of haciendas that have an indoor / outdoor feel,” Bové said. “We really wanted to have it in our Casita, as well as the courtyard has a wonderful view of all the magical doors to our house.”

Antonio and a group of animals watching something magical.

Picture: Disney

According to Bové, Casita’s cuisine was inspired by all the cuisines of Latin America, but in order to both give the home a distinctively Colombian aesthetic and create a way for the home to physically interact with people, the creative team led the tiling as one of the main elements of interior design. Throughout the film, Casita makes her presence known and speaks by moving her tiles, allowing her to “touch” objects, but many of the house’s most impressive powers revolve around specific occupants.

Casita as a whole is a house, but each of its individual rooms reflects the person who lives there (and their magical power.) Because Mirabel is “normal”, her room is rather simple, but for other madrigals like her cousin. Antonio (Ravi- Cabot Conyers) who can talk to animals, the house is transformed. Due to Antonio’s connection to nature, Bové turned to the humid forests of Chocó-Darién on Colombia’s peaceful coasts and consulted with botanists in order to accurately describe the extent of the country’s natural biodiversity. in his only room. Of all the madrigals, the powers of Antonius are an example that most obviously lends itself to visual translation, like a room overflowing with greenery and animals. It will be very interesting to see what other ways Casita behaves to accommodate the Magical Family.

Charm hits theaters on November 24 and arrives on Disney + on December 24.

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