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A female tieffelin thief sneaks around the tail of a sleeping dragon to steal a gold necklace from her treasure heap.

Not everything that is gold shines … but some of it shines in a rather magical way.
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In a few weeks, Dungeons & Dragons will lift the lid on a new reference book exploring one of the most basic and iconic creatures in its tabletop world: They are literally in his name. Dragons have always been a big part of D&D‘s fantasy, and now io9 has an exclusive look at some of the rules and lore used to expand their significance.

Fizban’s Dragon Treasure is written from the perspective of the titular Fizban the Fabulous—Dragon lance‘s own human avatar of one of the most legendary of all dragon beings, Paladine, better known in many D&Dthe kingdoms of Bahamut. It is the latest source book for the game’s fifth edition, exploring a host of new rules and mechanics to improve players’ relationship with the iconic dragons of D&Dis the setting. Whether it’s expanding the options of the playable Dragonborn race, to delving into the details of how the most powerful dragons affect the entire multiverse of D&Dsettings of, or just to add more dragons — large, small, all in between! —to your countryside, Fizban’s treasure will give you the opportunity.

But also … you to do You want a reward for venturing into a dragon’s lair and defeating its master, right? io9 has a first look at the rules for creating your own pile of loot blown away by a dragon foe inside Fizban’s treasure: your own Dragon Hoard! Check out the rules below to generate your own pile of potentially magical, potentially mystical, potentially very valuable coins as a reward for beating a dragon’s domain.

“There are some cool things going on with the dragon hordes in by Fizban. The first is simply to help the DM make what can be a really big treasure more interesting for the players who find it ”, Fizban’s treasure Chief designer James Wyatt told io9 in a statement provided by email. “This includes everything from ‘What nations past and present may have minted the coins of this treasure?’ to “What types of art objects do sapphire dragons prefer?” Anywhere along the line, there are opportunities to let the treasure reveal a little more of your campaign’s story, even if the dragon it belongs to is a bit of a player in the larger story.

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Picture: Wizards of the coast

The idea of ​​a dragon cherishing vast piles of gold is a fantasy classic, but by Fizban go one step further and connect this love of hoarding to D&Dthe positioning of mighty dragons as inhabitants that exist and traverse all the different planes of existence of the multiverse. “We also discuss the idea that dragons often divide their hordes between different lairs. Because a treasure serves as a home for the magic that connects dragons to the material plane, expanding the treasure effectively expands a dragon’s territory. You’ll see regional effects spread around each lair, so the dragon is increasingly shaping the world based on its own nature, ”Wyatt explained. “So if a dragon has several treasures, maybe he has a set of things that he has divided.

These rewards supporting such a powerfully magical call to order for dragons mean that when your party Is loot a treasure, they earn more than wealth—tthey might find magical artifacts that have special effects, even disastrous consequences. “Because treasures are sort of focal points for dragon magic, there is a discussion of what kind of magic can linger in a treasure even after plundering it. It could be something like the regional effects that surrounded the dragon’s lair following the treasure around, so maybe a gemstone from a black dragon’s treasure is polluting all the water it touches. Or maybe the treasure is haunted, or cursed, or its magic is needed to help repair a dead magic zone in the world, ”Wyatt concluded. “It all comes down to the idea that a dragon’s treasure is a big deal, not just in terms of how much money and magic you could find there, but in terms of its importance to the world. The treasure is a key part of the dragon myth, so we’ve made sure it gets the attention it deserves in this book.

Image of the article titled Find Out What's Really Inside A Dragon's Dungeon In This Dungeon & Dragons Overview

Picture: Wizards of the coast

You can learn about dragons, the multiverse, and vast, vast piles of gold when Fizban’s Dragon Treasure releases October 26.

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