FBI to visit Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon as they publicly prepare another coup

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Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon publicly plotted to use thousands of “troops” to destroy democracy on the Bannon podcast.

Steve Bannon and Matt Gaetz discuss replacing democracy with authoritarian rule


Bannon said, “4,000 shock soldiers we must have to equip the government. Prepare them now. To the right? We’re going to go to the beach with the landing teams and the beachheads and all that nomenclature that they use when President Trump wins in 2024 – or before. You’re going to have them as the 4,000 people named by politics. “

Bannon said that there would be no more Trey Gowdys and that the force he would put in place would be like Gaetz.

Gaetz agreed and stepped in, “And we’re going to tackle this administrative state, and we’re going to start with the Department of Justice and the FBI.” This is the job I want. You know, send me to the Judicial Committee, and their sphincters will tighten up because they did a lot of corrupt things there.

Bannon dropped the names of Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes as the brains of the operation on the left.

Gaetz asserted that trying to take control and overthrow democracy is patriotic.

Bannon and Gaetz were talking about enforcing authoritarianism. There will no longer be three distinct but equal branches of government. They want to put control of Congress under the power of the president, which is undemocratic.

Bannon and Gaetz are both likely to be sentenced within the next year, but the FBI is due to visit them both.

Their conversation suggests that they see Trump as nothing more than a figurehead. Trump is the vehicle to deliver them to power.

The danger to democracy goes beyond Trump. The authoritarian right will not be stopped by prosecuting the former president. They want a war, and only by defeating the authoritarians will democracy be saved.

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