For One Times Reporter, the campaign continued

What challenges has the pandemic presented for your reporting?

The mayoral race, for many months, took place largely on Zoom, which at first made it more difficult to understand the messages that resonated most with the electorate. Fortunately, the mayoral race took on more of a traditional race feel towards the end, when candidates came out more regularly and we could see them engaging with voters more frequently.

Why did you become a political journalist?

I love covering American politics, whether it’s talking with voters about what makes them tick, or capturing how political figures – often with larger-than-life personalities – fight to win them over. It is a real privilege to try to assess the state of mind of the country or the city, whether at the presidential or mayor level. Both types of racing have major implications for the daily lives of Americans, and we take the responsibility of trying to understand history very seriously. On a lighter note, New York politics are loud, unpredictable, and so much fun. At the presidential level, you can see different parts of the country and meet fascinating political figures – and consult your colleagues on must-see restaurants wherever you’ve landed.

How do you follow all the news of the electoral campaign?

Of course, I read what my colleagues write, as well as what our competitors are doing, a little nervously. Watching NY1 is vital at the city level. And I spend time on Twitter – I’m not even the most prolific tweeter, I’m just watching!

You have posted more than 600 articles over the past two years, according to New York Times archives. Can you take days off?

It’s a seven-day-a-week job during the election campaign, in both cases. During campaigns, candidates want to speak to voters, and they often have to do so on Saturdays. You don’t get much sleep – my coffee habit has been a serious addiction since I was a teenager, and it has only intensified in the years since. Once the primary is over, I hope to get away for a short vacation. After covering the presidential campaign, I have plenty of Marriott points to use!

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