fraud – Other members who have had issues with btcguild termination and exchanges pulling exit scams?

I sent this email to support. Only because I don’t know where I can go for help / justice. So I decided to post it on a community platform so that I could talk about this issue and how many exchanges have exit scams and ico that’s what cost my savings.

Dear BTC Guild,

I started mining in the middle of 2013. I created a BTC guild account and started mining. I am a hodler and not someone who logs in every month / year to see what the progress is. I stopped mining because I got really sick and on top of that also a devorce. I lost almost everything live and I know I heard my btc also left because BTC Guild quit. I never received an email about it so I didn’t know. And because of the devouring and my health, I couldn’t do anything.

I know I mined a nice little amount, but enough to get myself out of my debt situation that I know well. Can you please help me and pay me something. Even if it’s just a gift of sorts. It would help me a lot. I can’t log in anymore so I can’t see how much I ended up extracting. I thought I had about 3 btc 3.5. While not a small amount in these times. I was hoping my mined coins were a stash for hard times 🙁



Are there more members who have had issues with something similar?

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