Hasbro Pulsecon 2021 Day 1 Reveals: Power Rangers, Star Wars

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Image of the article titled Coolest Star Wars, Power Rangers and Transformers Toys Revealed at Hasbro Pulsecon

Picture: Hasbro

Batuu does not stop for anyone, and it certainly doesn’t end with three-action figure pack. You don’t have to go to Disneyland to get them, at least. One is inspired by the First Order Outpost store, featuring Hux, a First Order AT-AT pilot and an R5 droid and mouse; another by the Droid Depot with Not-K-2SO K-7R1, a Battle Droid, a Pit Droid, Resistance‘s CB-23, and even a little Babu Frik; and finally a Creature Shop set, including a mynock, two Kowakian lizard monkeys, a Fallen Order Bogano Bogling and two Porgs.

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