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Windows 11 comes with a revamped taskbar and start menu. The new start menu has a centered launcher-like interface, has rounded corners, and looks smooth for the most part. However, it does have a “Recommended” section that shows recently opened files and can be annoying for many people. Fortunately, these recommendations are pretty easy to get rid of. Here’s how to remove recommended files from the Windows 11 Start menu.

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Remove “recently opened” recommended files from the Windows 11 Start menu

The Windows 11 Start menu consists of three sections: Pinned, All apps, and Recommended. the Pin upper part consists of pins arranged in a grid. While clicking All applications shows the list of all the applications installed on your computer.

Below the pinned area is the advised section that displays your most recently opened installed files, documents, and applications. This makes it easy to access files you’ve recently accessed – it displays up to six items with an option to show them all via the ‘More’ button.

However, many people may find it boring and not want others to see what they have opened up lately. In this case, you can completely disable recommended files from the Start menu. You can also remove particular files individually from the list.

Prevent recently opened files from appearing in the Start menu

1] Open the The Start menu and select Settings. You can also open the settings directly by pressing Win + I on your keyboard.

2] To select Customization from the sidebar on the left.

3] In the personalization settings, scroll down and click on Start.    Remove recommended files from the Start menu in Windows 11

4] Here, turn off the toggle for “View recently opened items in Safari, Shortcut Lists, and File Explorer. “    Remove recommended files from the Start menu in Windows 11

You can also turn off “Show recently added apps” if you want to hide recently added apps from the Start menu.

That’s it. Files that you recently opened will no longer appear as recommendations in the Windows 11 Start menu.

Delete recommended files individually

If you have a problem with only a few files and want to hide them from the Recommended section, you just need to right click on the file and press Remove from the list. The file will disappear from the Start menu.

Can I hide the “Recommended” section from the Start menu?

The recommendations space remains in the Start menu even after disabling “Show recently opened files”. From the initial version of Developer Preview, I couldn’t find any option to hide or remove the recommended area from the Start menu.

However, Microsoft may make changes in future updates. We really hope that they will allow users to turn off this area and use the full start menu to view apps.


This will disable or remove the recommended files from the Start menu on your Windows 11 computer. Hope you now have a better and cleaner experience with the new Windows. Anyway, give me your opinion in the comments below. Stay tuned for more.

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