In boring and awkward video, QAnon’s idol announces a congressional race in Arizona

Watkins claims he’s going “double up with God as a compass to lead this fight in the Washington DC swamps, ”adding,“ I am here to officially announce my candidacy for Congress in Arizona. Under God’s authority, we will take over Congress, overthrow the Senate, and secure the presidency. “

Watkins says he will hire outgoing Rep Tom O’Halleran, who the QAnon fanatic histrionically describes as, “Dirtiest Democrat in DC Swamp”, calling him “O’Hooligan”.

If you don’t know who Tom o’halleran is, here are a few things he has done for his district in the past few months: he recently got oxygen tanks and other supplies needed for a Korean War veteran, signed a bill to save telehealth for Arizona residents after COVID-19, passed a bill to fund a pay rise for service members, and saved Arizonans more than $ 3.5 million since he began his term in 2017, to name a few.

Watkins says he’s inspired by God and Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church.

If you don’t know who Durbin is, here’s a few things about him: The 38-year-old pastor, located in Tempe, Ariz., Thinks abortion is “worse than the Holocaust.”

“We see abortion as the Holocaust of modern times, although I think it’s a bit of an insult to Hitler to compare what he did in Nazi Germany to what we have in front of us.

“If you compare Hitler’s Germany body count to what we’ve had since Roe vs. Wade, we’ve beaten him by the metric ton,” Durbin said, according to Metro UK.

Durbin, like almost all pro-lifers, doesn’t believe in a mother’s life, just the unborn one. He thinks women who have abortions should be murdered.

“Whether it’s a mother killing her child in the womb or a mother killing her five year old twins by drowning them in the bathtub, we would like this to be treated as a murder charge and applied consistently. . under the law.

“I believe that a fair answer to murder is the death penalty. Historically, this is the standard we have held for a long time, and ultimately, when God spoke about the issue of justice for the murders, he said it is a life for a life.

Watkins has filed a “statement of intent” with the Arizona Secretary of State to report to Congress headquarters, as NPR reporter Dillon Rosenblatt first reported.

Watkins confirmed in an email to VICE News that he presented himself, but that he first had to become a resident of the State. He was in the state this week hanging out and taking photos with Republicans such as Kari Lake, whom President Donald Trump endorsed for the governor of Arizona. And VICE reports that Watkins is traveling to Las Vegas to speak at a QAnon affiliate event with Representative Mark Finchem, candidate for Secretary of State.

Although Watkins denies being the Q in QAnon, he did somehow reveal himself in the final episode of Cullen Hoback’s HBO documentary. Q: In the storm. Speaking of his newfound fame by scattering an ocean of unfounded allegations about the flight of Trump’s election, he said: “IIt was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching standards how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I used to do anonymously before. Realizing his blunder, he backs up at lightning speed, saying, ‘Never like Q. I promise. ”

So why run? And why in Arizona? Watkins tells Salon he spent time in Arizona as a child and his father was in the military. In addition, he was deeply involved in an election “audit” in Maricopa County on the loss of Trump.

“Ron’s main problem is electoral integrity, he is very committed to electoral integrity,” Tony Teora, a volunteer helping Watkins plan his campaign, Recount Salon.

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