Increasingly unbalanced Rudy Giuliani says “there was a whole plot” behind Ashli ​​Babbitt shooting

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During the January 6 uprising, a QAnon supporter named Ashli ​​Babbitt attempted to break through a barricade inside the United States Capitol. The officer who shot him was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Yet Republicans have now made the woman a sort of martyr. Donald Trump recently called she is a “wonderful and innocent woman”. Rudy Giuliani went even further on Monday night, claiming there was a plot behind his death.

Newmax host Greg Kelly request, “How do they justify not informing the public of the essential facts of this moment?

The former mayor of New York replied:

“Because it was a completely bogus operation here. They tried to take this unfortunate intrusion, which shouldn’t have been done, and turn it into an insurgency. Well first of all, it’s the only one in the direction where a shot was not fired. The only shot fired was the policeman’s on an unarmed woman, whom they did not want to talk about. So there is a whole plot behind this and I’m not sure I understand it all. But how come all of this shows up on a video taken by an Antifa member paid by CNN? And he just happens to be there when the shootout takes place, and he just happens to know where the gun is. And no policeman is interested in it?

It’s no surprise that Giuliani, who is being investigated by New York and sued by voting machine companies, is ready to make wacky accusations like this. He apparently has nothing more to lose.

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