Jabra Enhance Plus are high-quality earphones made for people with hearing loss : gadgets

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I’ve worked in the business. HA’s are a giant racket and most of the customers are very old and suggestible when it comes to pricing. Most people use financing instead of buying outright so the cost is kinda hidden because you don’t really feel it.

These buds cost almost nothing compared. Most of these hearing aids companies actually fear earbuds like this since it would mean far less people would buy a pair of “real” hearing aids with their insane pricing.

But these are actually made by a HA company so they require a visit with an audiologists. Probably to limit cannibalizing on their other products by making less easy to get.

Hearing aids are far superior than any earbud right now or in the near future, but they can easily go for $2000+ where I live. So at some point, buds like these are going to win more customers just because of their price even if they are not as good as the real deal.

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