JakartaOne Livestream 2021 will highlight Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 5.0

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The third annual JakartaOne Live the virtual conference will go live on December 7, 2021 with the first of 12 one hour sessions starting at 6 a.m. EST preceded by a welcome reception by Tanja Obradovic and Ivar grimstad at 5:45 am EST. Focused primarily on topics related to Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, these sessions include keynotes and 15-minute slots, called Studio Jakarta EE, delivered by a host of Java luminaries. Developers can expect to see topics on: Jakarta EE 9.1 / 10, MicroProfile 4.1 / 5.0, GlassFish, Java 17, Jakarta EE individual specifications, microservices, and a showcase of applications developed with Jakarta EE.

The live broadcast of JakartaOne 2021 program committee Includes: Tanja Obradovic, Jakarta EE Program Manager at Eclipse, Ivar Grimstad, Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at Eclipse, Otavio santana, distinguished software engineer at Zup Innovation, Ivan Saint-Ivanov, senior programs at VIDA Software, Dalia Abo Sheasha, Java Developer Advocate at JetBrains, Jan Westerkamp, ​​Managing Director of Sensor Aktor GmbH, and Michael redlich, senior research technician in a petrochemical research company. Hailey seed, a virtual event specialist at Eclipse, coordinates all behind-the-scenes activities between the program committee and the speakers.

Notable speakers for the hour-long sessions include: Rudy De Busscher, product manager at Payara; Emilie Jiang, architect and advocate for Liberty microservices at IBM; Marie Grygleski, developer advocate at IBM; Dmitry Alexandrov, software developer 5 at Oracle; Adam Good, Java SE / EE freelance writer and author of several books; Bruno Baptiste, senior Java consultant and senior engineer at Talkdesk; and Dmitry Kornilov, director of software development at Oracle.

The opening speech, scheduled for 11:45 a.m. EST, will be delivered by Mike Milinkovich, Managing Director of the Eclipse Foundation. A presentation of the Jakarta EE supplier industry follows with the panelists: Alasdair Nottingham, chief architect of Open Liberty and chief architect of WebSphere at IBM; Steve milidige, CEO of Payara; Will lyon, Senior Director, WebLogic Server Product Management at Oracle; David Blevins, CEO of Tomitribe; and Tetiana Fydorenchyk, Director of Global Product Marketing at Virtuozzo.

Before the online virtual conferences caused by the pandemic, the first JakartaOne Livestream 2019, conceived as a global event, took place on September 10, 2019 at the same time as the official release of Jakarta EE 8. It was an experiment launched by Reza Rahman |, Senior Java on Azure Program Manager at Microsoft, who chaired the 2019 program committee. Before the 2019 conferenceRahman was asked about the differences between coordinating a virtual event and a more traditional in-person event, told InfoQ:

The basic spirit of running a conference is basically the same – learning. You still basically have to do the same thing – define a vision, select the content, build the program, manage the event, register the attendees and get the word out. I think the main difference is not having to deal with a physical location. Having said that, you still need to manage the providers of the online platform itself. For our purposes, virtual was the right choice. This will help us reach a large developer base faster.

Since then, other regional events related to JakartaOne have been organized, including: JakartaOne Japan 2020, JakartaOne Livestream Cloud Native for Java (CN4J), JakartaOne 2021 in Turkish, JakartaOne 2021 in Spanish and JakartaOne 2021 in Portuguese. Presentations from all of these events can be viewed online.

Jakarta EE 9, released in November 2020, was seen as an innovation base to generate new functionality in Jakarta EE 10 and beyond. Jakarta EE 9.1, released in May 2021, was the first incremental interim release where developers were able to: develop and deploy Jakarta EE 9.1 applications on JDK 11 and JDK 8; take advantage of new Java SE 11 features and new technologies added since Java SE 8; move existing Jakarta EE 9 applications to Java SE 11 without modifications; and migrate existing Java EE and Jakarta EE 8 applications to Jakarta EE 9.1 using the same simple process available for migration to Jakarta EE 9.

The Jakarta EA Working Group worked on Jakarta EE 10 and set Q1 2022 for a GA release. The MicroProfil working group has been working on MicroProfile 5.0 and is planning a GA release in December 2021. MicroProfil 5.0-RC2 is available now.

JakartaOne Livestream 2021 is a free event, but registration is required.

Editor’s Note

Michael Redlich sits on the JakartaOne Livestream 2021 program committee.

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