Jenner ‘Deadnames’ Self, can’t stop dividing LGBT community

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Caitlyn Jenner wears dresses and claims to be female now, but still wants to take credit for winning Olympic gold as male Bruce Jenner in 1976. Jenner this week tweeted a tribute to Bruce’s past athletic achievements and cemented its role as a divider within the LGBTQIAetc community.

Denigration is a term crafted by the People of the Alphabet to demonize those who refer to transgender people by their so-called birth name. It’s supposed to be done to shut them up and shame them. Illustrated sports was criticized for doing this to Jenner in 2016.

At Jenner Tweeter Monday he wrote on the 45e anniversary of Bruce’s decathlon victory at the Montreal Olympics: “An incredible day to represent our country at the Olympics! Congratulations to all of this year’s Olympians!

According to Warner Todd Huston from BreitbartThe tweet sounded strange to some, as many transgender advocates are considering referring to a trans person’s past name as ‘died naming’. It is an act of discrimination, they say, to refer to the “past” life of a trans person as a different gender. And Jenner, who is running as a Republican in California’s revocation election, publishes that “dead name.”

A response to Jenner’s tweet soufflé, “The fact that you chose to amplify a post that named you dead tells me everything I need to know about how harmful you would be to LGBTQ + people if you were governor.”

Indeed, Jenner’s LGBT base is eroding, especially since he opposed men competing in women’s sports and decided to run for governor as a… gulp… republican.

Lesbian soccer star Megan Rapinoe said Jenner was “an exceptional athlete,” but is not an exceptional politician.

Sports blog, an LGBT division of SB Nation, tore Jenner apart for flip-flopping on the issue of transgender people in sport.

Additionally, Jenner is drawing anger from the left for criticizing the ailing Democratic governor Gavin Newsom. And to tell Sean hannity that California collapses under Newsom’s watch.

For good measure, Jenner angered the left by criticizing Gwen Berry’s anti-America protests. He said politics has no place in the Olympics – it goes against the warriors of social justice.

It’s just absolutely heartbreaking to see the division within the LGBT community! Keep posting on Bruce, Caitlyn.

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