json rpc – Baffled by endianness: How do I compute the HASH160 of the public key of a base58 address?

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Given an address as follows:

> spend_address=$(btc-cli getnewaddress '' legacy)
> btc-cli getaddressinfo $spend_address

spend_address info {
  "address": "moHaAMoTLRZ7dCyP4SunTBRvSfdFxUNrCe",
  "scriptPubKey": "76a91455391f93c7409df890be2804aa3cf85b22a903c188ac",
  "isscript": false,
  "iswitness": false,
  "pubkey": "03a6a9b25d8cd811af3162222d5e6ddaf876f915ae37ccb4b4b3f2ba56c39e26d2",
  "iscompressed": true,
  ...<stuff not needed for example elided>...

So we have pubkey = 03a6a9b25d8cd811af3162222d5e6ddaf876f915ae37ccb4b4b3f2ba56c39e26d2.

And if we decode the ScriptPubKey we find the HASH160 embedded in it: 55391f93c7409df890be2804aa3cf85b22a903c1

Problem is I can’t get from pubkey to HASH160(pubkey). Somewhere I’m baffled by endianness. (I determined that by looking at intermediate results in the wallet’s getaddressinfo handler.)

I’ve tried:

(ripemd160 (sha256 spend_address_pubkey))
(ripemd160 (sha256 (reversebytes spend_address_pubkey)))
(ripemd160 (reversebytes (sha256 spend_address_pubkey)))
(reversebytes (ripemd160 (sha256 spend_address_pubkey)))
(ripemd160 (reversebytes (sha256 (reversebytes spend_address_pubkey))))

and none of those (or their byte reverses!) match the transactions HASH160(pubkey) in the vout[0].scriptPubKey.asm field. Help me find which end to work from please!

(I do know how to get the HASH160 straight from the address by stripping off the checksum. But I want to know how to get it from the pubkey, given the standard ways in which keys and hashes are displayed wrt endianness.)

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