Key allies in Trump’s violent insurgency are ignoring congressional subpoenas. imprison them

Trump gathered the crowd for the express purpose of interfering with the election. Who helped him do it?

Today is the deadline for four of Donald Trump’s most notorious toads to provide documents to the special House committee investigating the January 6 insurgency. Chief of staff Mark Meadows, assistant Dan Scavino, grizzled professional hobo Steve Bannon and determined remora Kash Patel have all vowed to ignore their committee summons; Trump himself insisted they do it, claiming as a former president to have “executive privilege” to block their testimony that is not a real thing and has never been.

The committee investigating the violent attack on the United States Capitol wants to hear from all four because there has been ample evidence that Trump’s inner circle rounded up the violent crowd that day for the explicit purpose of threatening Congress to overturn the election – an orchestrated act of sedition. Investigators want to know to what extent Trump’s staff in the White House, his allies and Trump himself have taken steps to rally and incite the crowd.

We know Trump’s team assembled a collection of some of the country’s most militant domestic extremists and told them on television to come to Capitol Hill to make their feelings known to the assembled lawmakers. at this very moment recognize Trump’s electoral defeat. We know that Trump and his allies went to great lengths to intimidate his Vice President, Mike Pence, into agreeing to a ploy to overturn the vote count during the proceedings and that the crowd was assembled as a specific means of intimidating Congress into taking such measures.

We know, in short, that Donald Trump had every intention of overthrowing the next United States government, that his staff helped him, his Republican allies helped him, and that a significant portion of Party lawmakers Now fascist Republican approved or encouraged the project. . Now is the time for everyone involved in the seditious conspiracy to testify as to who knew what, who did what, and when.

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