Live ‘System Shock’ TV series is on its way

Nightdive Studios’ immersive simulation franchise the franchise is in the process of being turned into a live television show. You will be able to watch it on the upcoming Binge streaming service, which is also based on Ubisoft’s Driver.

More details on the System shock The TV show will be unveiled in due course. It will tell “a heart-wrenching tale of Citadel Station and its rogue AI that subjects the crew to unimaginable horror,” Binge said. The service, which is slated to launch next year, has not disclosed when the series will air.

Meanwhile, Nightdive is working on a . The game was slated to arrive last summer, but is now slated to debut by the end of 2021.

System shock joins a long list of game-based shows and movies in the works. Among them are , , and a ton of Netflix projects, like League of Legends series . There are also rumors circulating that Epic Games could make .

Elsewhere, Sony is supposed to release the in February, finally, a long time. Did, uh, anyone see a trailer lying around somewhere?

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