Liz Cheney calls shame House Republicans protesting for one-sixth of fascists

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Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) did not hold back and called her fellow Republicans in the House ashamed of their pro-terror DOJ protest.


Cheney said at a press conference after the 1/6 commission’s first hearing:

Listen, almost every member of the Republican conference declared in the days immediately following January 6 which actually had happened and many of them said therefore publicly.

Many members of our management and others, that they are gone to recognize what happened the 6 to protest in before the Ministry of Justice on behalf of those who were part insurgency is something that I can’t explain. I think it’s a shame. I know this committee is focusing on what happened in a non-political and non-partisan way. It’s not a policy campaign. It’s deadly serious. We will study all aspects.

Investigating all aspects, Cheney suggested that his Republican colleagues in the House and the failed former president were both going to be investigated.

It’s a shame that House Republicans are protesting outside the Justice Department in support of the people who attacked America.

If Republicans had gone to the Pentagon and staged a protest in support of al Qaeda terrorists, the message would have been the same.

A group of House Republicans support terrorism and their actions are a non-American disgrace.

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