Looks like attending this anti-mask demonstration was … misguided

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Pink is the wife, red is the husband.

“Your body, your choice” only when it suits you personally. Don’t expect ideological consistency with these people.


Less than 1% of nurses stopped because of COVID vaccine warrants.

You know what is decimating the ranks of nurses? Burnout due to an unnecessarily prolonged pandemic and family members of assholes belligerently demanding ivermectin and other quack treatment from medical staff.


Look in the Constitution for the part where the government can interfere in medical decisions between a woman and her doctor.

Look in the Constitution for the part that allows a senatorial minority of 41 seats to prevent the passage of a law.

Look in the Constitution for the part where citizens not affiliated with a “well regulated militia” have the right to possess weapons of mass death.

Look in the Constitution for the part that says weapons of mass death are more important than the lives of schoolchildren.

You can play this stupid game all day.


Love the Californian student mandate. I love knowing that my kids are safer than they would be otherwise.


LOL like Trump voters will one day stop shopping at Walmart.

Damn, in the red counties, Walmart is often the alone choice. From Walmart’s own PR:

We have nearly 4,000 Walmart locations that are located in one or more of the federally designated medically underserved areas or where pharmacy options are limited.

Take Walgreens and CVS out of the equation, and certainly hospital pharmacies, and I don’t know where these people are supposed to get their drugs from.


Direction Sacramento to protest against the rescue masks.


The couple who fight masks for no real reason beyond FREEDOM will now claim there is real reasons to oppose masks? They are so transparent full of shit.

In addition, people with respiratory problems are those who more need to hide. They are the group most at risk for a virus that directly attacks the respiratory system.


Donald Trump Jr. believes that a handful of pilots refusing to vaxx is “the bravest thing I have seen in years.” It does not matter our troops in danger or the countless cases of people putting themselves in danger to save lives. Nope.

He’s just some asshole who says ‘I won’t take the vaccine’, who probably will when it comes to keeping his job and not (as we saw time and time again).


What do we want?

“To catch and die from a preventable and horribly painful disease!” “

When do we want it?



Most Americans support immunization mandates for children. And it is California, which is extra liberal. They are greatly outnumbered.


They were so happy to post pictures of their protest!

The woman was the mother of three boys. Her Facebook page doesn’t have pictures of the boys, so it must have been a second marriage for her. Two of the boys were teenagers and the third looks younger, around 8 or 9 years old. She also claimed to be a teacher. She worked so hard for her and her children less safe.

It worked. The one above was his last post.


There was, of course, no “changing narrative”. Vaccines were never 100% effective, which is why we needed full adoption to achieve herd immunity. And the vaccine’s effectiveness (and natural immunity) waned over the months, requiring booster shots.


The federal mandate is almost identical to Fox News tenure: vaccinate or test daily.

As AP reported last month, Fox News hosts avoided talking about their company policy, and Carlson didn’t dwell on the subject for more than a moment or even really detail the policy. This is probably because this Fox News policy is actually stricter than the one Biden advertised for big business. Neither, in fact, require vaccination. Both allow an alternative test. Fox News is for daily testing, while Biden is for weekly testing.


Really rich for assholes refusing to do what it takes to flatten the curve, then complaining that the curve didn’t flatten.

That said, yes, closures flatten the curve. It would be nice to stop the new waves in the first place, thus avoiding the need to flatten them.


The wife died a month after her no-mask anti-mask rally, which is the usual time it takes for COVID to incubate and kill.

This gathering killed her.

Her husband never announced her death on his Facebook feed (at least not publicly) and certainly never announced that she had COVID and was fighting for her life. He did, however, release his latest anti-vaxx meme – which “flattens the curve” – ​​on October 25, which suggests he likely discovered his infection soon after. And maybe, just maybe, he’s finally decided to shut up about it and stop spreading this shit.

She was 45 years old.

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