Lowest Samsung Galaxy S21 sales in years, company launches internal review

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • The Galaxy S21 series is said to have recorded very disappointing sales figures compared to the old S series flagships.
  • Samsung is apparently conducting a review of its mobile business due to declining sales and poor revenue.
  • Galaxy S21 series sales are 20% lower than S20 and 47% lower than S10 phones.

that of Samsung Galaxy S21 Series may be cheaper than its predecessor, but its sales would have been the worst in Samsung’s recent history. Figures reported by Counterpoint Research (via Naver) show a significant drop in sales of the Galaxy S21 compared to sales of the Galaxy S20, S10 and even older flagships. This declining growth also appears to be sounding alarm bells at Samsung, and the company is reportedly in the process of conducting an internal review of its mobile business.

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According to Counterpoint Research, the Galaxy S21 series saw sales of around 13.5 million units worldwide in the first six months of its launch. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series recorded 20% higher sales during the same period. The numbers look even more shocking compared to the Galaxy S10 series which apparently sold 47% more units in its first six months. You can see Counterpoint’s chart plotting the Galaxy S21’s sales numbers against older flagships below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 counterpoint search

Tousled feathers at Samsung

According to The elec, Samsung management is conducting a “special examination” of the mobile unit throughout August following poor revenues. These reviews would be performed when senior management believes there is a problem with a particular business unit. Depending on how the review unfolds, the company may conduct an audit of its mobile activity.

As for the current situation, it is believed that Samsung will likely miss its sales target for the Galaxy S21 series.

A source also said The elec this chip maker MediaTek told Samsung it couldn’t meet its SoC orders partly because of the global chip shortage, but also because of the company’s weakened market position.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has would have overtook Samsung to become the leading supplier of smartphones in Europe. The Chinese phone maker is also moving closer to Samsung in the world. According to a recent Canalys report, Xiaomi took second place in the global smartphone market, a hair’s breadth away from Samsung.

New chips and foldables, a way out for Samsung?

With sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S series declining, all eyes are on the performance of the company’s upcoming foldable phones.

the Galaxy z fold 3 and Z Flip 3 would have be cheaper than Samsung’s old foldables, possibly sparking better sales. However, not everyone is happy with Samsung for dropping the Galaxy Note series this year. In reality, a survey conducted on Android Authority has shown that many people want Samsung to replace the S22 series with new Galaxy Note phones next year.

Samsung has yet to start the rumor Galaxy S21 FE who can recreate the Success of its predecessor. Add to that the strong sales figures of the Galaxy A series and Samsung could soon find itself making up lost ground. We’ll have to wait and watch what happens.

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