Mahershala Ali Sci-Fi Clone on Apple TV +

Cameron kisses his wife's fingertips in a moment of bliss.

Cameron enjoys a moment of tenderness with the woman he loves.
Screenshot: Apple

While most science fiction tales involving cloning almost invariably end with action-packed glasses where people are literally and metaphorically to fight, Apple’s next feature Swan song from director Benjamin Cleary takes the quieter, more intimate path with a story about a dying man who is desperately in love with the life he’s about to leave behind.

Although Cameron (Mahershala Ali) feelings towards his wife (Naomie harris) and his son sink deep, and he knows they are feeling his love, he can’t know what will become of them after his doctor (Glenn Close) lets him know he wasn’t that long ago to live. Lest the news devastate his family, Cameron hides his terminal diagnosing them, initially unsure of what to do until her doctor reveals that she might have a way to make sure “he” doesn’t leave them. Swan songThe first trailer does not go into detail on how the Cameron (also Ali) clone exactly is born, but what you see is how the creation of the new man gives Cameron reason to hope and fear what is to come in the future.

Swan songthe trailer makes it seem like it will touch on more than a few themes on the souls and nature of a person’s singular identity which are commonly featured in clone stories. But what might set the film apart is that it emphasizes the difficult conversations people have to have when faced with serious medical decisions that will impact their loved ones. While the film may spend some time exploring the larger ethical implications of cloning, hiding the fact that you exchange places with your clone seems to be the idea that he’s more interested in unboxing. And it’s an idea that the audience will have to sit down with once Swan song hits theaters and on Apple TV + on December 17.

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