Marjorie Taylor Greene again compares prevention of COVID-19 to the Holocaust. Don’t expect an apology

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When Greene first made such remarks, Parliamentary Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pretend to be indignant, and said Greene’s statements comparing “the horrors of the Holocaust” with the attempt to prevent COVID-19 were “appalling.” including allegations about “Jewish space lasers” used to start forest fires in California.

Don’t expect such a reaction from McCarthy this time around. The GOP is no longer embarrassed by racism, anti-Semitism, or its leaders praising the Nazis. Two months ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s racist ramblings put her on the verge of partying. Now she is the core.

Racism and xenophobia have never been far from the heart of the GOP, and they have been the party’s founding principle since Donald Trump descended his golden escalator to talk about the Mexican “rapists” who brought drugs and crime to America. During his occupation of the White House, Trump became increasingly comfortable with the use of the language of white nationalism and with the open support of groups like the Proud Boys and white supremacist militias.

At the same time, the Q-Anon plot developed from a side branch of the already devoid of evidence and meaningless “Pizzagate” to consume much of Trump’s base. This conspiracy not only includes the belief that Democrats run an underground delivery system for satanic pedophile cannibals, it is steeped in terms of Nazism and anti-Semitic pogroms throughout history. The entire base of QAnon and Pizzagate is nothing more than a variation on the old one “blood libel”Claims that have been used to justify the murder of Jews for centuries.

Now, the stars of the GOP are not the figures most bent on following the supposed principles of the party, but those who push the boundaries of hate. Both Greene and Josh Hawley were awarded for flooding Republicans with support for allegations of conspiracy and constant pressure from the big lie about the 2020 election.

Greene now explicitly compares Democrats to the Nazis, and comparing President Joe Biden’s efforts to see more Americans vaccinated with medical experiments conducted on Nazi prisoners.

Don’t expect McCarthy to do anything about it. After all, Greene was national tour with Matt Gaetz, whose ties to an actual child sex trafficking ring didn’t deserve a slap on the wrist from McCarthy.

Greene, Gaetz and Hawley do not retreat. They run the party… along the Nazi love trail Trump laid out for them.


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