Marjorie Taylor Greene has temper tantrums after Georgia GOP adds more Democrats to her district

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raged after her congressional district was redesigned to include more Democrats.

Greene was visibly upset about adding deeper blue areas to her district:

Greene told Republicans in Georgia they should have fortified the Red Districts in the long run and said the new map is a losing strategy that will lead to Georgia’s slow slide going blue.

Rep. Greene is truly upset because her district may not be an easy victory for her anymore. Adding dark blue areas will force her to work harder to get re-elected and, more importantly, reduce her margin of victory for future re-election campaigns.

Greene is playing with a future presidential candidacy, it therefore definitely wants to win by large margins. The pride of the Republicans was clear in Greene’s statement. They assume they will largely regain a majority in the House in 2022. Republicans could be bracing for massive failure.

A lot can happen by election day 2022, and Greene wouldn’t be so angry with her new district unless she’s worried deep in her mind about losing her own seat.

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