Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller — 20th Anniversary Special Edition Has Classic Details »Gadget Flow

Celebrate 20 years of Xbox with the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller — 20th Anniversary Special Edition. It features classic black and green details, giving the original Xbox debugging kit a new twist. Plus, you can peek through the translucent black top to see the interior components representing 20 years of Xbox technology. And there are lots of new details about it game gadget, like the hybrid D-pad. It offers a stylish touch on the classic Xbox Wireless Controller. Then the Share button allows you to easily capture and share your winnings. Meanwhile, the green Xbox button and rear grips nod to the start of the Xbox while looking ahead. In addition, this Xbox Wireless Controller has all the best features of the latest Xbox Wireless Controllers, including better connectivity between devices and improved ergonomics. Finally, it’s easy to pair with devices like Xbox One, Windows PC, Android, etc.

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