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With My Today, I would like to present to you a project whose team has set itself the goal of developing a decentralized dating application. According to the Mio team, this should stand out significantly from other dating projects on the blockchain scene. The special thing about this project is the underlying messaging protocol, which is specifically discussed in the video interview.

The fundamental question that arises initially is why blockchain technology should be used in the dating field, or what specific added value it brings. Anyone who’s ever tried Tinder or Lovoo will find the reason every time they log in: to log in through social media accounts. For example, you can only sign up on Tinder with an existing Facebook profile, which of course means that all user data is transmitted and used by businesses. Mio now wants to avoid this altogether by combining several technologies as the basis of their application.

However, decentralization is only part of the new features that Mio wants to offer. The basic operation is intuitive and based on Tinder (eg “swiping” left and right as a rating system), but offers some new features: For example, instead of a profile picture, a user should watch a short 3-6 seconds of video download performance. In general, the integration of the Mio Token (ERC20) should give the user much more possibilities for interaction and freedom. Importantly, the use of the app is no longer dependent on a paid monthly subscription, as the user only pays for the actual use of the paid features (with some features, some of the paid tokens would then have to be burned). By installing the app you should receive a small amount of tokens and from now on you can earn additional tokens by reporting spam and fake accounts. The fact that the Mio Token is only used to pay or activate certain features gives it an exciting status at Finma – in a letter the Altcoin speculator received, it is confirmed as a pure means of payment. No other token is known to have achieved this status.

During the development of the application, the team relies on two phases. First, there are certain features that need to be executed centrally in order to avoid potential blockchain scalability issues. In the second stage of development, Raiden should then be used to ensure that all processes are running fast. The IPFS platform is also integrated so that images and user data can also be stored in a decentralized manner. User messages and chats are handled using a Tor-like principle called HOPR (many may be familiar with the Tor browser). This interaction then allows an extremely high level of confidentiality in the application – and that with a dating application.

Video interview with Sebastian Bürgel on the new “HOPR” messaging protocol

As already mentioned, the following video interview explicitly refers to HOPR received. HOPR is an open source project that allows messages to be sent completely anonymously without being able to draw any conclusions about the sender’s IP or system.

If you want to know more or support the project, the team can be reached via Telegram at http://t.me/mio_decentral.

-Lukas Fiedler

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