Ohio Supreme Court strikes down Republican Gerrymander of Map

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On Friday, the Ohio Supreme Court struck down a congressional map skewed in favor of Republicans, ruling it was the equivalent of a dealer stacking the game and sending it back to state lawmakers to try again.

The map would have given Republicans a 12-3 advantage in House of Representatives elections, even though the GOP recently won only about 55% of the statewide popular vote.

Under an amendment to the Ohio Constitution passed overwhelmingly by voters in 2018, mapmakers are not allowed to redraw the state in a way that unduly favors one party. The proposed map was drawn by Republicans in the state Legislature and passed without Democratic support, and the court rejected it in a Decision 4 on 3.

“When the dealer stacks the deck ahead, the house generally wins,” Justice Michael Donnelly wrote for the majority, adding that the Republicans’ plan was “infused with undue partisan bias.”

“This is not what Ohio voters wanted or expected,” the court said.

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